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README for LaTeX enhanced mac-emacs installer (version 1.1)
(Time-stamp: <2002-02-28 02:20:01 franconi>)

This Emacs is built on top of the mac-emacs-21.1 distribution (for
MacOSX) available at, enhanced with
fully customisable LaTeX editing environment based on auctex and other
packages.  There is no need to have X11 installed.

To make a full install simply type from a terminal:

sudo ./mac-emacs-install <machine-name>

where <machine-name> is the name of your computer; type your password
when requested.

The installer will:
- install the mac-emacs application on the Desktop
- install the Emacs package in /Applications
- install "OSX PowerAddOns Lite.osax" in /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions
- create the symbolic link /<machine-name> --> /

The mac-emacs application can be double-clicked and accepts files
drag-and-dropped onto it. Its creator code is EMAx.

- No X11 is required.
- mac-emacs requires a working installation of teTeX and ghostview.
- The mac-emacs application can be copied anywhere.
- mac-emacs loads automatically the file ~/.mac-emacs if it exists.
  You can study the file 
- To customise the LaTeX Command menu, modify the fully documented file
- To have full spelling checking capabilities, install "ispell" from
  fink. The latest precompiled binary is usually available with dselect.
- Bugs (from the original mac-emacs distribution): 3 buttons mice are
  not supported; customization browsing still does not work.

To play with it, open a .tex file; from the command menu (or with C-c
C-c) select "latex" and, if the compilation is successful, then "view".

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University of Manchester            -
Department of Computer Science      - Phone: +44 (161) 275 6170
Manchester M13 9PL, UK              - Fax:   +44 (161) 275 6204

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