[OS X TeX] Find command for PDF window in TeXShop 3.66 and 3.67

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Wed Aug 17 16:43:51 CEST 2016


PDF Search is explained in the changes document, but perhaps a direct explanation is better.

In Sierra, the search field for the PDF Preview Window does not work. I don't know if
Apple will fix it. So temporarily, I provide another search field in the toolbar. I think
this field will be more useful for most people, once they understand how it works.

In the recent version of Sierra, the search began "sort of working again", but then
the two search fields interfered. So I completely turned off the old search, for all systems.

If Apple fixes the old search in Sierra, I'll return to the issue and make the two methods
compatible. Otherwise, I'll probably stick with the new search in the preview toolbar.



There is an experimental version 3.67 of TeXShop. You can get it at


This experimental version has a new section of the Help Panel, in English only,
with a new "Miscellaneous section." The first item in this section explains the
new search field.

In the experimental version but not 3.66, if the Preview window is open and you
type command-F, the toolbar search field becomes active so you can type immediately
without clicking it. (In 3.66, the drawer opens).

In both versions, type a phrase in the search field and push RETURN. The first appearance of
the phrase will be highlighted. Push RETURN again and again to see later appearances of the

In the experimental version, push SHIFT RETURN to do a backward search.

Suppose you want to search starting on page 37. Go to this page and select any text (the
selection cannot be empty). Then the next search will start from that point.

Click on a page without selecting to create an empty selection. Then searching will again
start at the beginning of the document.

Dick Koch
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