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I am trying to resurrect an 700 page text I last worked on in 2007 (?) so
that I can share sections with my students.  It was written in Oztex with
graphics done with Illustrator.  I wrote a python script which converted
oztex's colon directory separated paths to the modern ones and I can now
get the whole thing to compile in TexShop.  My problem is with some of the

At the time I was writing I wanted the fonts in the graphics to match the
computer modern fonts of the text, so I believe that I bought a shareware
version 'Computer Modern' that was around at the time.  I was able to find
this on my old G4 mac (still running after all these years) and load the
fonts into Library/Fonts on my current iMac.

The graphics problem is that when running either pdftex or xelatex, the
graphics which appear substitute for these 'Computer Modern' fonts, which,
unfortunately, I used everywhere.  It seems that the substitution is using
Courier, which is evenly spaced, and so the graphics get pretty messed up,
with letters running into each other, etc.  After I added this old set of
fonts to my newer mac, when I call up the graphic in Illustrator (CS5), it
is able to find these old fonts, and the graphics look o.k.  Even if I
'update' in Illustrator and re-save the graphic, the conversion process
still uses Courier, so apparently these old fonts are an anathema for
whatever is doing the conversion. (If I save as a .pdf, Illustrator's
.pdf's have the bounding box problem - so that doesn't seem to be the way
to go). I have tried restarting, zapping all the 'converted-to-.pdf files
etc. but I still get messed up graphics in both the xelatex and pdftex

I imagine it is ghostscript doing the conversions under the hood.  I am
completely ignorant of this program, and also of almost all things font
related.  Is there a way to educate ghostscript on substitutions?
Alternatively, is there a way to write a script which would call up the
graphics files (there are hundreds) and substitute some other font for the
bad Computer Modern fonts in the .eps files? Interestingly, if I just
double click on the .eps files, the conversion which the OS makes to .pdf
*does* seem to find these old fonts.

Sorry for the long story.  Any advice appreciated.  I receive the 'digest'

- Greg
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