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John Thoo jthoo at yccd.edu
Mon Oct 26 17:12:11 CET 2015

On Oct 23, 2015, at 12:00 PM, "Justin C. Walker" <justin at mac.com> wrote
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> On Oct 22, 2015, at 14:59 , John Thoo wrote:
>> Hi.  I am making a presentation using  beamer.  I want to link to a PDF file that is in a subfolder, so I have in my LaTeX sourcefile
>> \href{./Activities/1-5-S-OilSlick-StudentVersion.pdf}{Student version}
> [snip]
> This may help:
>  <http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/142351/create-a-link-to-open-another-pdf-not-in-the-current-directory?lq=1>
> There are related questions linked from this page.

Thank you for the pointer.  But I have to say that I had the strangest experience.  For reasons I don't understand, my original code works now (i.e., the linked PDF opens in a new Preview window when I click on it in the beamer PDF file that is also open in Preview).  The only thing that I've done since I posted my query is that I shut down and restarted my laptop over the weekend.

So, without making any changes to my code (above), it just seems to work now.

Thank you again.

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