[OS X TeX] El Capitan and BBEdit/Skim integration scripts - making Grigg's scripts work

Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 3 06:16:06 CEST 2015

Making Nathan Grigg’s scripts work under El Capitan was easy. He hasn’t made an effort to change his scripts, so we have to do it in the following manner.

I’m assuming that his scripts are already installed properly from:

http://nathangrigg.net/latex-bbpackage/ <http://nathangrigg.net/latex-bbpackage/>

Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Packages. Right click on Latex.bbpackage, and select “Show Package Contents”. Then navigate from Contents to its subfolder Resources. Inside Resources, right click on typeset-lib.scpt, and select “Open with”, and then select “Script Editor”. Then change the line

property texbin : "/usr/texbin”


property texbin : "/Library/TeX/texbin”

Compile the script (click on the hammer icon). Save in the file menu. Done. It should work now.

I’m also currently using one of Streep’s integration scripts, Synchronize with Skim, from

http://msneep.home.xs4all.nl/latex/ <http://msneep.home.xs4all.nl/latex/>

It does a forward, .tex—>.pdf, synchronization, which I’ve sometimes found handy. I’ve verified that this still works with no changes. I’ll look at Sneep’s typeset scripts tomorrow.

BBEdit and Skim work fine under El Capitan. I’ve also noticed that some things really are faster under El Capitan, such as page rendering in Firefox.

Richard Séguin

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