[OS X TeX] epstopdf: command not found

Nicolae Garleanu garleanu at berkeley.edu
Sat Nov 21 07:44:54 CET 2015


I don’t know how long I have had this issue — most likely since I installed the latest TexLive and Basic Tex a few months ago — but I can no longer use the epstopdf package. I get an error as in the subject line "epstopdf: command not found”. I went on line immediately to look for solutions, and came across various pieces that seemed to blame either Yosemite (although I am sure epstopdf did work earlier with Yosemite) or XQuartz (e.g., http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/207754/error-using-epstopdf-package <http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/207754/error-using-epstopdf-package>) — I updated XQuartz, then removed the program (uninstalled, I believe) and reinstalled, no change. I can’t say I really understood all these pieces, either.

Has anybody on this list experienced this type of issue?

I am running TL2015, having downloaded Basic Tex, with TS 3.52 (though I am sure this has nothing to do with TS). I run pdflatex, as I have been for years without a problem.

Thank you.

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