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Jutta Wrage jw at witch.westfalen.de
Sun Nov 15 15:40:18 CET 2015

Am 10.11.2015 um 05:35 schrieb Adam R. Maxwell:

> Good point. I've never seen it in my samples, so it would be interesting to know what triggers it (and I even downloaded TeXShop to sample it!). That thread is also blocking, and not doing any work, so it's certainly not burning up anything. Running nm and otool, TeXShop is not linked with the OpenGL framework or calling any gl functions, but I did notice some transient Core Animation threads.

Little temperature comparision on MacBook pro with OS X 10.7:

Programs runnig before test already:
Activity monitor CPU load only
CPU temperature: 32 °C
GPU 28 °C
Fan Speed (smcFancontrol) 2900 (min for medium setting)

Starting TexShop
compiling small tex file (texshop is using its internal viewer)
CPU 40 °C
GPU 37-38 °C
Closing viewer, stop compiling, deleting aux
GPU: down to 35 °C
CPU: 38 °C

Stopping texShop completely.
Waiting until CPU and GPU temperatures are down
GPU: 28 °C
CPU: 32 °C

Starting Texmaker - PDF-viewer is Preview
Open same tex file, compile

CPU up to 35 °C
GPU stays at about 28-29 °C

Now that I am writing this and Texmaker still running in Background:
CPU: 34 °C
GPU: 27 °C

And it has been very small tex file....
And even having TexShop running without doing anything (like now texmaker), temperatures with TexShop stay higher.

This is all with the new board. Before compiling tex file with texShop meant CPU temperatures up to more than 70 °C before the GPU (Obviously the OpenGL part) died.

I guess it is a bunch of problems heating the Computer up when using TexShop - especially with bigger tex files.

So there are two questions:
1. Why is TexShop heating up CPU even if inactive?
2. Why is TexShop heating up GPU even if inactive?

Now I started TexShop again after having closed texmaker. After a while:
CPU + 6 °C
GPU + 7 °C
still increasing...

GPU temperatures are from iStat Pro - but hot GPU can be felt on the surface of the computer, too.

FYI while doing the test, automatic backup has been switched off.



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