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Andreas Höschler ahoesch at advanced-science.com
Fri May 29 23:15:57 CEST 2015

Hi all,

> This is very practical. Often one would like to save the result, to keep it, to send it to other people, etc. This could be done by either saving the typeset window as an ordinary PDF, or by selecting a rectangle with the selection tool of the ordinary typeset window, and dragging it to the desktop, which would create a file of the kind set in Preferences > Copy (i.e., PDF, JPEG, etc.). For the moment, I take a snapshot of a rectangle of the screen with command-caps-4.

You might want to look over the fence in a break and check out the following video

	https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Wz0cbgVFc&feature=youtu.be&noredirect=1 <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Wz0cbgVFc&feature=youtu.be&noredirect=1>

demoing the use of Cassiopeia. In this video three mathematical problems are solved on screen using the built-in hyper efficient equation editor. Finally LaTeX for the document is generated producing a PDF for printing or emailing to a colleague. There is an undocumented feature of Cassiopeia that might exactly do what you are looking for. If you edit a large document with lots of sections and you want to generate LaTeX for a subsection of the document only you can shift double-click on the section title of the part you are interested in. This opens a new window presenting only the clicked subsection. You can then generate LaTeX (automatically opens the resulting PDF in Preview.app) for this subsection only. I make use of this a lot when exchanging ideas with peers if only a subset of a large document is relevant for the discussion.

The video also shows how to export the document into a *.cspd file (human readable XML) that could also be sent to a peer for review (writable version). More info can be found here:

	http://www.advanced-science.com/ProductsCassiopeia.html <http://www.advanced-science.com/ProductsCassiopeia.html>
	http://www.advanced-science.com/downloads/CassiopeiaScreenShot.png <http://www.advanced-science.com/downloads/CassiopeiaScreenShot.png>
	http://www.advanced-science.com/ProductsCassiopeiaInstallSetup.html <http://www.advanced-science.com/ProductsCassiopeiaInstallSetup.html>



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