[OS X TeX] Feature request on TeXShop's "Experiment"

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Fri May 29 12:56:31 CEST 2015

> I am finding TeXShop's "Experiment" device really useful, and I think it would be even more so if the following feature was added:
> That one can save the result (i.e., the typeset, not the source) of the experiment, somehow, as a file for independent usage.
> I think that as of now this is not possible (while it is, in the ordinary typeset). Besides experimenting before inclusion in the current document, I also use "Experiment" in order to typeset text and formulas for independent usage, using all the (many!) macros defined in the current document. This is very practical. Often one would like to save the result, to keep it, to send it to other people, etc. This could be done by either saving the typeset window as an ordinary PDF, or by selecting a rectangle with the selection tool of the ordinary typeset window, and dragging it to the desktop, which would create a file of the kind set in Preferences > Copy (i.e., PDF, JPEG, etc.). For the moment, I take a snapshot of a rectangle of the screen with command-caps-4.
> I have no idea whether this is really feasible or not.
> JMaF

I realize that there is already a solution involving a macro, but I would like to point out a solution was there already.
Just hit Cmd-P for print and then use the regular “Save as PDF” feature of the OS. 

Even better, one can add “TeXShop” as a pdf service, so you can “print” to a pdf and concomittantly open that same pdf in TeXShop, but now as a normal file.
Then you can actuall select a rectangle and drag to the desktop or wherever you want (a feature that has been in TeXShop for as long as I can remember).

(Note: any application that can open a pdf can be added to the little “PDF" menu in the print dialog; just select the “Edit Menu” and choose it. Now all you have to do is hit command-P, and select TeXShop from  the PDF menu)

Luis Sequeira

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