[OS X TeX] Beamer-Template - navigation in PDFs

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Sat May 23 13:58:59 CEST 2015

>> Hi!
>> If I produce a presentation using beamer template I get the navigation-Icons at the bottom of a page.
>> Nearly all of them seem to work. But the last three (forward, search, and back) do nothing on my Mac with Preview app.
> Don't use Preview for slide presentations.
> Use Adobe Reader  or  Acrobat Pro  instead.
> Apple does not implement an awful lot of what PDFs can contain.
> Your presentations will be much more functional when using Adobe software.

I respectfully but strongly disagree. 
Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) is bloated and annoying and causes conflicts and tries to take over from you - and for what? for supporting transitions? 
I use LaTeX for presentations because it lets me focus on content, and because it is my writing tool already (I am a mathematician). 

Presentations ought to be about content, and about the presenter - most of the stuff that look great at first are gimmicks that get old really fast.
Skim is effective and inobstrusive for presenting pdf - it lets you focus on the presentation, and it even supported the simple Apple remote (that I miss on my gorgeous retina MBP) out of the box.
When I looked at beamer (which is great), one of the first things I looked for was how to disable all those little buttons at the bottom. 

Just my $0.02.

Luis Sequeira

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