[OS X TeX] Announcement: Cassiopeia 2.0.3 released - Scientific Wordprocessing for MacOSX

Andreas Höschler ahoesch at advanced-science.com
Mon May 11 23:30:17 CEST 2015

Hi all,

Cassiopeia 2.0.3 for MacOSX has been released. The application offers
scientific word processing with focus on content
a highly efficient equation editor
a symbolic algebra system
a 2D graph module
a simulation module
management of documents in a database
multi user access for co-editing in workgroups
LaTeX export for printing
HTML export for WWW publishing


Version 2.x is a major update with significant improvements:

• Users no longer need to setup a database for getting Cassiopeia to work. The newly provided Advanced Science Cloud can be used to host documents now. This gets new users up and running in minutes.
• Cassiopeia can save documents into files now (human readable XML). This allows to manage documents in Finder.app and attach Cassiopeia documents to Emails.
• The palette with mathematical symbols and parts was significantly extended and many smaller bugs with regard to equation rendering got fixed.



for a complete list of changes. The new release can be downloaded from here:

	http://www.advanced-science.com/downloads/ReadMeFirst <http://www.advanced-science.com/downloads/ReadMeFirst>

May be this is of interest to one or the other!? Otherwise sorry for the noise!!

Best wishes,


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