[OS X TeX] Help to make good texts typeset

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 18:37:16 CET 2015

This is a request for help, probably a bit unusual.

Santos, a colleague and friend of mine, who died in 2011, wrote a  
number of open source texts which at least three people, Dr. Joyner,  
Dr. Gkioulekas, and myself, found worth preserving:




But while the pdf are downloadable, the source does not compile.

I tried to typeset Arithmetic2008 and the first error that came up is  
that Santos used a package, "graphs", which I could not find and thus  
replaced by "graphics". But then I ran into

./Arithmetic2008.tex:2582: LaTeX Error: Environment graph undefined.

So, just to see what other problems would come up, I commented out  
\begin{graph} ... \end{graph} and it continued to compile until I got

./Arithmetic2008.aux:125: Undefined control sequence.
l.125 \citati

which referred to Arithmetic2008.aux  which somehow had something to  
do with Context (???) at the end of which there was the line


When I WentTo Error, I got \citat in the .aux file  (???)

and, for me, that was the end of the line.

So, I thought that maybe someone on this list could take a look and  
give an opinion as to what the situation might be and, perhaps, even  
some advice.

Very, very, hopeful regards

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