[OS X TeX] includepdf and TeX Live 2015

seroul seroul at unistra.fr
Mon Jun 29 12:07:29 CEST 2015

I am testing TeX Live 2015 and I have trouble with the \includepdf command.

\usepackage {pdfpages}

\includepdf [scale=0.50]{test.pdf}

TeX Live 2012 : OK
TeX Live 2013 : OK
TeX Live 2014 : OK

TeX Live 2015 : Error 

./texlive-2015-includepdf.tex:7: Undefined control sequence.
\AM at output ...edge }{0pt}}}{}\ifdim \AM at pagewidth 
                                                  =\z@ \AM at pagewidth =210mm ...
l.7 ...udepdf [scale=0.50]{pdf_documents/test.pdf}

Did I miss something ?

Thank you

Raymond Séroul
Université de Strasbourg
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