[OS X TeX] TeX Live 2015 and MacTeX-2015

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Fri Jun 19 17:23:26 CEST 2015

Le 12/06/2015 03:55, Richard Koch a écrit :
> PS: There was an interesting last minute change. Recall that
> /usr/texbin is a link which leads (indirectly) to the TeX binaries for the
> active TeX distribution. At the Apple Developer Conference WWDC, which
> is also running this week, Apple announced that the next version of
> OS X —  El Capitan —will not allow users to write to the /usr
> directory, even if they have Admin permission. Consequently, it
> is necessary for us to change this link.
> On all older systems of OS X, the 2015 versions of MacTeX and
> Basic TeX create two links pointing to the binaries:
> 	/usr/texbin
> 	/Library/TeX/texbin
> On El Capitan, only the second link is created.


a bit of context: the extras in my installation are from MacTeX 2014,
but recently as I had already the pretest of TeXLive 2015 installed,
when official version was released I did only a few adjustments
but did not download MacTeX 2015, (I know I am missing some bounties
like extra support in Ghostscript for far east languages)
thus my experience with TeX Dist Preference Pane might be at odds
with the latest version.

on my system /usr/texbin was a symlink to


the latter itself a symlink

Anticipating the possible upgrade to El Capitan next fall,
I thus suppressed /usr/texbin symlink, then created the similar one
in /Library/TeX/ and updated accordingly /etc/paths.d/TeX

This process left me with two mutually contradictory questions:

1) if the Programs/ repertory is to serve anything, shouldn't
/Library/TeX/texbin be a symlink to it rather than to
sub-element Programs/texbin ?

2) as I see nothing in this Distributions/Programs/, so it
should not hurt if I define the /Library/TeX/texbin symlink
to point directly to
which is the thing which the TeXDist Preference Pane updates
whenever one uses it to switch distributions

Currently I have opted for 2)

I also considered not putting texbin in /Library/TeX at all
to save one more level of indirection, but I understand this can
not be the choice of MacTeX if for some reason users with no
habit of the command line are to be able to find via the Finder
the texbin thing.

My vague questions are thus 1) and 2) above. I am very tempted
to delete entirely the /Programs things which seems to serve
nothing on my system, but so far I have not done it as it could
possibly break TeX Dist Preference Panes.



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