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Andreas Höschler ahoesch at advanced-science.com
Wed Jun 17 23:17:22 CEST 2015

Hi Nitecki,

> I realize that one shouldn't expect such niceties in the Experiment window like being able to use command-F to search for something, but this one feature needs to have a warning or something, so that moving the cursor to a spot and then clicking there
> does not appear to be ready for an insertion at that point, since that is not where the insertion is going to go.

Are you sure you want to continue working like this instead of using a WYSIWYG word processing solution that spits out LaTeX at the very end (professional publication) but gives you the comfort of editing in a "what you see is what your get/mean" environment in the creative process? Cassiopeia easily handles very large documents/books since it allows to load/edit individual sections so there is no need to load and store your whole stuff all the time. If you need security you might like to hear that communication between Cassiopeia and the datastore (FrontBase database) can be SSL-encrypted, even the database file itself can be encrypted (white paper explaining this in detail is forthcoming). So even if some intruder made it onto your machine he/it hardly had a chance to gain access to your data (stored documents).

Please check out 

	http://www.advanced-science.com/ProductsCassiopeia.html <http://www.advanced-science.com/ProductsCassiopeia.html>

and also watch 

	https://youtu.be/0gnKl3tvxaI <https://youtu.be/0gnKl3tvxaI>
	https://youtu.be/qSh5LgvwOfM <https://youtu.be/qSh5LgvwOfM>

to get an idea of WYSIWYG word processing on a Mac.

If you find anything missing for your project (symbols, parts,...) please report to support at advanced-science.com <mailto:support at advanced-science.com> what that is. It might be added very quickly. :-)




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