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On May 30, 2014, at 4:55 PM, Ross Moore wrote:

> Hi Alain.
> There was no attachment.
> What should it have been? A scanned image?
> Cheers,
>   Ross
> BTW,
>    I'd agree with Claus about not inventing notations

So do I as I already confessed. :-))

> , as I have said in previous threads, but reproduction of historical  
> documents is certainly a situation where this rule can be broken, as  
> then you are not creating a precedent for continuing use of that  
> notation.

As for that, I have been out of fluid mechanics for half a century but  
back then, at least as I recall, we used an overline for coordinate- 
free notation of vectors and a double overline for second order  
tensors etc but I can't remember how we distinguished contravariance  
from covariance. In any case, the overline circle n was, I think, my  
generalization so as to deal in a uniform way with mass, momentum and  
energy as well as with both the Lagrange and Euler descriptions.

And here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the only extant LaTexed page of the  
historical document---which I had certainly not meant to inflict on  
this list. That it was mentioned on this list was the result of a  
comedy of errors.

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(The symbol at the beginning is the one Sharpe posted the recipe of.)

Best regards

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