[OS X TeX] 2 small issues concerning texshop

Nicolae Garleanu garleanu at haas.berkeley.edu
Thu May 1 18:00:37 CEST 2014

Yes, correct, sorry for the unclear explanations.

As for my reasons, just mild convenience. If I have, say, five files I
work on in a couple of spaces, and must reboot, then it¹s very fast to
close the five previews that open in the wrong place (cmd-W 5 times),
somewhat less so to redistribute the five preview windows (though clearly
possible). The easiest solution is to recompile when I get to work with a
particular one of the 5 tex files; in addition, since I may have to search
for a given spot anyway, though, well, you see where I am going. Another
issue was that I may want not to change the timestamp on the pdf file, but
if the source hasn¹t changed since the last compilation, or the pdf file
does not change at all, it¹s possible that that wouldn¹t happen anyway (I
am not sure).

Anyway, if you do fix the replacement of all windows after rebooting, then
my particular issues will go away. I fully agree it¹s low priority, even
for me.


On 5/1/14, 8:18, "Richard Koch" <koch at math.uoregon.edu> wrote:

>Aha. Perhaps after all I understand what you are doing. Let's see.
>You open TeXShop, and the two windows open, but the Preview window
>opens in the wrong spot. I can confirm this. It will be easy to fix, and
>a fix
>should be in the next TeXShop. But that may not be for a while.
>Then you close the Preview window. (I don't understand why you don't
>just move it, but let that be.)
>Then you use forward search, hoping that the search will open the preview
>window automatically. Instead it opens a blank window. You then typeset,
>and the
>blank window is filled with the correct material. I can confirm this
>The behavior doesn't surprise me, since I never imagined that someone
>want to search from source to a preview window not yet open. I'll put
>this on the
>"to be fixed" list, but it has very low priority.
>Why don't you just move the preview window to the correct spot and search?
>Why close it?
>Dick Koch

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