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Nicolae Garleanu garleanu at haas.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 25 05:57:18 CET 2014

Thank you, Dick. I had found that html.sty was part of latex2html, tried to use that (unsuccessfully, obviously) but pushed no further. What stopped me from going too far was the knowledge that I had compiled the file on the previous MBA, etc. Still confused about that, actually. I’ll look on my office computer, see what’s happening there. And yes, I must have remembered the miktex feature, no longer relevant to me.

As for point 2, sorry. I am using TexShop, compiling using the shortcut command (Cmd-T), which calls pdflatex.


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A huge amount of information on TeX has been indexed by Google. You can often
answer you own questions easily by searching judiciously. According to


html.sty is part of the latex2html package.

Further searching found the following message from Karl Berry dated August 23, 2013.
Karl is one of the main authors of TeX Live:

Thanks for your message.  No question that latex2html is a fine tool.
>> But as far as I know it cannot be included in TeX Live at present
> because it is not "self-locating", that is, its data files and
> sub-modules are expected to be found in a certain place on the system
> determined at compilation time.  I also have the impression that the
> output it generates may require web server configuration changes to work
> well (/icons/ and the like).  I admit I'm not completely sure of either
> of those points.

So latex2html and html.sty are not in TeX Live. MacTeX installs the complete TeX Live
distribution, a "canonical" distribution produced by TeX User Groups across the world.
It contains tex4ht, a similar tool to convert LaTeX to HTML.

Downloading and installing "on the fly" is a feature of MikTeX in the Windows world. The
related feature in TeX Live is tlmr, which doesn't work automatically. Mac users should
use TeX Live Utility, which puts a Mac interface on top of tlmr, making it very easy to use.
But it wouldn't give your html.sty because it only serves up software in TeX Live.

The final question 2 is too vague to answer. Are you typesetting from the command line, or
a front end, if a front end then which one, etc., etc.

Dick Koch

On Mar 24, 2014, at 8:26 PM, Nicolae Garleanu <garleanu at haas.berkeley.edu<mailto:garleanu at haas.berkeley.edu>> wrote:

I installed MacTex on a new Air about three months ago, and today I wanted to compile for the first time (on the new computer) a file requiring html.sty. This was no issue with my previous Mac, but now the style file is not installed (I verified this using Help>Open Style File as well as by copying the style file from the internet in the folder with the file needing it, when it worked). I can solve the specific issue on my own, e.g., put the style file in the appropriate local folder, but I am wondering

  1.  Why the file was not downloaded and installed on the fly (am I confused concerning this capability?). Perhaps because I already have the entire system, suggesting that this particular style file is no longer included, maybe because it is obsolete (and replaced with what?)
  2.  Why nothing happens when I try to compile. No error, log file is completely empty, etc. I can’t help feeling that I messed something somewhere.

Thank you.

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