[OS X TeX] Book manuscript, \cite question

Toke Knudsen toke_knudsen at mac.com
Sun Mar 2 02:56:07 CET 2014

Hi all,

I’m finalizing a book manuscript, but have run into some issues with citations.  

First of all, I’m using chicago.sty (\usepackage{chicago}) to get the citations like I want them.  In my .bib file, I have the following entry (and a few more like that):

  AUTHOR = "Pingree, David",
  TITLE = "Census of the Exact Sciences in Sanskrit",
  YEAR = "1970--94",
  PUBLISHER = "American Philosophical Society",
  ADDRESS = "Philadelphia",
  NOTE = "Series A, volumes 1--5."

As you can see, the work was published in the period 1970 to 1994, over multiple years; this is causing problems when I use the \cite command.

For example, at one place in the text, I cite the work as follows:

\cite[A.2.107--110, A.3.28, A.4.75--76, A.5.74--75]{pingree:cess}

I’d like for this to appear as follows in the text: "Pingree 1970–94, A.2.107–110, A.3.28, A.4.75–76, A.5.74–75”; but instead I get the the following:

Pingree 94, A.2.107–110, A.3.28, A.4.75–76, A.5.74–75

Apparently only four digits from the YEAR entry is cited, so with the two dashes, I only get the last two digits—94.  I don’t how to change this, so I’m asking if any of you would be able to help me.  How can I get the citation to print “1970–94” for the year?

With all best wishes,

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