[OS X TeX] .bib file

Michael Sharpe msharpe at ucsd.edu
Tue Jul 1 20:15:40 CEST 2014

On Jun 30, 2014, at 2:20 PM, Nitecki, Zbigniew H. <Zbigniew.Nitecki at tufts.edu> wrote:

> This is a pretty stupid question, and I am ashamed to have to ask it, but….where do .bib files normally reside?  I have noticed that a book on which I am working has some problems with the formatting of biblio entries, but it has been a while since I worked with the .bib files, and now I have forgotten where to look for them.  Unfortunately the search utility turns up a number of .bib files with the appropriate name, but after changing all of them I still haven't fixed the problem.  So I assume there is a "hidden" version which is really being used, and I need help finding it.

One way is to use a Terminal window. After you cd to the folder containing your .tex document, type the following line into it, replacing the last entry with the name of your .bib.

/usr/texbin/kpsewhich example.bib

That will give you the path to your bib, which you can open in texshop with

open -a texshop "`/usr/texbin/kpsewhich example.bib`"

once again replacing example.bib with the correct filename.


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