[OS X TeX] Wish for TeXShop : attach custom icon to a given file

Giovanni Dore giovanni.dore at unibo.it
Tue Feb 25 14:36:24 CET 2014

Il giorno 23/feb/2014, alle ore 19.34, Iraj Kalantari ha scritto:

> As an option, can TexShop when typesetting *myfile.tex*, use the name   *zzmyfile.aux* instead of *myflie.aux*? (And similarly.)

To get this  it is sufficient to add the lines


to the source file before \begin{document}.

If you \include some files it is also necessary to add the lines

\def\@include#1 {%
  \if at filesw
  \if at partsw
    \edef\reserved at b{#1}%
    \@for\reserved at a:=\@partlist\do
      {\ifx\reserved at a\reserved at b\@tempswatrue\fi}%
  \if at tempswa
    \if at filesw
      \immediate\openout\@partaux zzz#1.aux
    \if at filesw

Use this at your own risk, it is possible that in some situation this code lead to undesirable results or errors.


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