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Hi again,

On 03/12/2014, at 7:44 AM, Ross Moore wrote:

> No. It is an  {array}  inside  $...$  which is quite legal.

However, you are trying to use  \pause  in the middle of this array.
Thus  \pause  may need to know how to:
  1.  close the cell
  2.  close the line of the array
  3.  close the array
  4.  close the  \left\{ ... \right.  structure
  5.  close the math
  6.  close the \enumsentence 
to keep everything balanced.
This is a very tall order, which just doesn't work.

Of course it doesn't actually work that way, but you see how
complicated a setup you have here.

Now by inserting   \tracingall  immediately before  \pause 
we see that  texpower's  \pause  ends up doing  \unvcopy  
within math-mode.
This is wrong, and leads to the error messages that were logged.

In short, you cannot use  \pause  in math-mode, with  texpower .

> However, this is all inside another high-level structure  \enumsentence  or some such, which I'm not familiar with.
>> If I remember correctly, texpower can call either the standard seminar class, or powersem.cls.  Anyway, I agree with Herb,  using beamer is worth a shot, even with this short time available. The tutorial will get you started, just run
>>   texdoc beamer
>> at the terminal prompt.
> Sure, Beamer is really good, but also very complicated.
> When you are already familiar with other packages, and are short of time, it is not the way that I would go.
> This specific problem could just be the result of mixing too many highlevel constructions, without a proper understanding of how they use TeX's math-mode.

I've had plenty of experience with \pause  and  \onslide
inside table cells and math-arrays when using  Beamer.

So now I concur with the others; Beamer is indeed the best way to go.
(At least now we know why!)

Good luck.

> Also, I'm a bit concerned about using Tikz with texpower.
> Tikz's use of pgf graphics may be conflicting with texpower's need to adjust PDF output.
> (This could be a valid reason to switch to Beamer.)
> Have you had prior success with this combination?

This aspect does not seem to be relevant to the immediate problem.


Hope this helps,


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