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Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Tue Dec 2 21:44:19 CET 2014

Hi Henkel, Ettore and others,

On 03/12/2014, at 7:04, Ettore Aldrovandi <ealdrov at mail.math.fsu.edu> wrote:

>> On Dec 2, 2014, at 12:19, Henk Verkuyl <hjv1 at mac.com> wrote:
>> I am attaching a tex.file and its log. I have inserted saome \pause instructions, but where you see %\pause you get a weird picture and where it works you see the result: no pause but a sort of extra vertical space. I hope this is what you need to see what is going on. 
> Hi, 
> like Herb,  I’d say you are not creating slides since you call article.cls.   Incidentally, the file does not compile: there’s an error at line 161 (see the log file), you have an eqnarray environment inside a $$.

No. It is an  {array}  inside  $...$  which is quite legal.
However, this is all inside another high-level structure  \enumsentence  or some such, which I'm not familiar with.

> If I remember correctly, texpower can call either the standard seminar class, or powersem.cls.  Anyway, I agree with Herb,  using beamer is worth a shot, even with this short time available. The tutorial will get you started, just run
>    texdoc beamer
> at the terminal prompt.

Sure, Beamer is really good, but also very complicated.
When you are already familiar with other packages, and are short of time, it is not the way that I would go.

This specific problem could just be the result of mixing too many highlevel constructions, without a proper understanding of how they use TeX's math-mode.

Also, I'm a bit concerned about using Tikz with texpower.
Tikz's use of pgf graphics may be conflicting with texpower's need to adjust PDF output.
(This could be a valid reason to switch to Beamer.)
Have you had prior success with this combination?

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Hope this helps,


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