[OS X TeX] Personal dictionaris in CocoAspell

Don Green Dragon fergdc at Shaw.ca
Sat Aug 23 00:19:39 CEST 2014

Hello Joseph Maria,

On 24Mar2014, at 4:10 AM, Josep Maria Font <jmfont at ub.edu> wrote:

> I am considering CocoAspell, which I see praised by Richard as the definitive solution. After googling a bit I am worried that the last entry in its web site <http://cocoaspell.leuski.net> is from 12/2009. Also, it seems it can use only one dictionary at a time. Finally, as a long time (and very satisfied) user of Excalibur, over the years I compiled an extensive personal dictionary of "learned" words; my question is: Is it possible to use it directly, or somehow import it ?

In view of the fact that you are familiar with Excalibur, I hope you will explain a couple of points. 

As Excalibur has been referred to as ``an external spellchecker’’ I conclude that you apply it to a LaTeX source file, say Example.tex, by opening Excalibur and telling it to check Example.tex. Correct?

Say Excalibur finds an error which you agree with and you tell it to make the correction, then the content  of Example.tex is changed. Can those changes be made when  TeXShop has already opened Example.tex or does one have to quite TeXShop before applying Excalibur? At what point are the changes to Example.tex saved?

I’ve just installed CocoAspell but have not used TeXShop to check it out!


don green dragon
fergdc at shaw.ca

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