[OS X TeX] How install genuine Adobe Times-Roman small caps fonts?

Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 02:12:37 CEST 2014

I want to install, and use in LaTeX documents, genuine Adobe Times-Roman Small Caps (and Bold Small Caps) fonts. That is, when small caps or bold small caps are called for in a LaTeX source where Times-Roman is the text font, the Adobe fonts should be used.

I have the appropriate .pfb, .afm, .pfa, and .pfm files. And yes, I've read font installationguide.pdf, but that seems to be describing how to add a totally new font. But here, I'm just adding (or, I suppose, substituting) certain shapes/weights within existing Times-Roman font support files.

The new support files will go into my local texmf tree, namely: ~/Library/texmf.

Question 1: Should I actually use the "ptm" prefix and rename the distributed files tirsc___.* to ptmrc8a.* (and similarly tibsc___.* to ptmbc8a.*)?  Or will that create a conflict eventually with existing system-wide texmf files?

From now on, I'll just speak of the regular small caps files; similar questions apply to the bold small caps.

Question 2: Is this the correct driver file for the next step, creating .fd, .pl, ..vpl, and .mtx files?

  % ptm-drv.tex
  \input fontinst.sty

Question 3: Assuming the preceding answer is yes, then the next step is to compile metrics and virtual font files, via:

  for file in  *.pl; do pltotf $file; done
  for file in *.vpl; do vptovf $file; done

Aren't some of the generated *.fd files redundant given that the identically-named system /usr/local/texlive/2014/texmf-dist/texlatex/psnfss/*.fd files include what's in the newly-generated *.fd? E.g., t1ptm.fd.

Which leads to:

Question 4: What is the relationship during normal latex processing between a font-related file in the system texmf tree and the identically-named file in the local texmf tree?

Does the local version get processed instead of the system version? or are the contents of the local version in effect added to the system version?

I ask this because:

  (a) most of the newly-generated local *.fd files consist of entries already in the corresponding system *.fd files -- namely, ot1ptm.fd, t1ptm.fd, and ts1ptm.fd;

  (b) however, newly-generated local 8rptm.fd has an entry \DeclareFontShape{8r}{ptm}{m}{sc}{<-> ptmrc8r}{} that does NOT appear in the corresponding system file.

(Similar considerations would seem to apply to the newly-generated .vf  and .tfm files, which of course are not human readable.)

Question 5: Processing of the driver file (step 2) creates a record file ptm-rec.tex, which is then processed via a new file:

 \input finstmsc.sty
 \input ptm-rec.tex

Any other drivers I should be including with \adddriver commands?

Processing ptm-map.tex produces ptm.map, which I know I should put into ~/Library/texmf/dvips/config.

Do I actually need now to manually edit the local copy of config.ps in order to add "p +ptm.map" to it? (And similarly for pdftex and xdvi.)

Or will just editing web2c/updmap.cfg so as to add "Map ptm.map" to it, and then running updmap, take care of this?

I note that font installationguide.pdf makes no mention of updmap.

(Sorry if this is a bit off-topic from MacTex-specific issues. But I haven't gotten either strictly on-topic or complete answers elsewhere.)
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