[OS X TeX] Problem with font AND TeX distribution pref pane

Michael Sharpe msharpe at ucsd.edu
Thu Nov 14 01:45:35 CET 2013

On Nov 13, 2013, at 2:15 PM, Stephen Anderson <sra at yale.edu> wrote:

> Thanks to Dick, Herb and Peter for hints on how to solve my problems.  I hope the PrefPane gets fixed soon — Peter’s solution of appending the appropriate bin directory to the path and opening e.g. TeXShop from the command line works, but it’s pretty cumbersome.
> As for the fonts, the versions I have are in the form of old .suit files and also (so GetInfo says) Postscript outline fonts.  I don’t think anyone has been developing these fonts locally for many years, so my efforts to get .otf or .ttf versions have not borne fruit.  I tried using fondu to convert the .suit files, but I get an error on each: e.g.
>> Can't find an appropriate resource fork in ./YaleAdmin-Roman.suit
> Is there some other utility around that might do this conversion? I tried a couple of online conversion sites, but none of them would do anything with the files I have, either.  These all show up in FontBook and they work fine in other Mac applications (and in previous versions of XeLaTeX).

Fondu would sometimes work for me, sometimes not. It sometimes helps to convert the suitcase and the PostScript file to macbinary format with

macbinary encode ...

The only conversion technique that never failed me was the old Font Manipulation Package (FMP) by the now defunct YANDY, which has, I believe, been donated to TUG and is freely available. It runs only under DOS, I'm afraid, but it produces a pfa and an afm from macbinaries of the suitcase and the PostScript font, and those can be changed easily to pfb+afm. If you want otf or ttf, there is a free conversion site running FontForge at


If you can't find the FMP tools, email me your fonts (zipped, of course) and I'll try doing the FMP step.


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