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NMPOST7 nmpost7 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 18:25:22 CET 2013

On 22/03/2013 18:11, Alain Schremmer wrote:
> On Mar 22, 2013, at 12:44 PM, NMPOST7 wrote:
>> Well, Malayalam being another language, the font does matter and Mac messes up
>> the ligatures.
> How about XeTeX? But I have no idea what to do for text in the graphics.

well, did try XeTeX. But the ligatures in Malayalam are terrible. My English and
German Documentation, however, I do on my mac. The present problem is however
only the graphics.I do not know how to use Malayalam in the graphics.
However that is not a problem at all, as I can use numbers and later have a
list. I shall do one step at a time. First I shall try to get the graphics
right. That will need time.

The graphics themselves are very complicated. Here are two example. This is a
geometric pattern from Hinduism.  The first drawing has got errors (too
technical to explain here). The second one is too small to be checked for
errors. However, you will have an idea of the complexity  of the figures

example 1:

example 2:

In fact, letters of the alphabet need to go into the pictures. But as I said, I
can list them.

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