[OS X TeX] Deleting a piece of text on texshop editor -issue

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Mon Mar 4 08:50:41 CET 2013

On 3/03/13 03:57, Dilan Fernando wrote:
> Dear All,
> I use Texshop to typeset my documents. But I have a bit of a
> problem when I want to delete some piece of text. Let's say
> if I want to delete a whole paragraph and then I choose the
> whole paragraph by selecting the whole thing by dragging
> my finger on my trackpad ( I am using a Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion
> and the latest version of TexShop) and then hit the delete key. But
> the paragraph does not get deleted until I tap the trackpad again. I
> understand that
> this is a minor issue, but this is so annoying.

I suppose you have "Tap to click" activated in the trackpad preference pane.

Let's try to understand what you are doing: What you write can mean either
1) you click with your thumb and while having the thumb depressed you 
move the cursor with another finger over the text you want to select
2) you double-tap (two rapid taps) with one finger and after the second 
tap you keep the finger on the trackpad and drag it over the text you 
want to select

In the first case, after you move your fingers off the trackpad, the 
text is selected and you can delete it with the delete key.

In the second case, when you move your fingers off the trackpad the 
selection is not finished. You can still change it by moving the cursor. 
Only when you tap again will the selection be finished. What happens 
with the delete key (or also Cmd-C) while the selection is not finished 
depends indeed on the app you are in :

In TeXShop, nothing happens immediately, the delete key (and Cmd-C) will 
only take effect after you finish the selection by another tap.
In other apps, the key action is executed immediately.

BTW, I see the same behavior as in TeXShop also in TextEdit.

So IMHO this is not a problem with TeXShop, it is a quirk of Apple's 
human interface.


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