[OS X TeX] Two missing characters

Don Green Dragon fergdc at Shaw.ca
Tue Jan 22 00:47:49 CET 2013

Hi All,

The following has been puzzling me for a long time. There are two characters that I am unable get TeXShop/TeX to produce correctly on a preview page. They are

straight single quote ' 
straight double quote "

Above they have been created using the program Mail.app on OS X. The keyboard setting is specified as "Canadian English" and Mail.app is sending this message as a RTF file.

If I open the "Character Viewer" and if the 'Punctuation' tab is active, the characters ' and " are easily inserted into this message. It is not necessary (here) to invoke the character viewer since these characters are easily entered via the usual key producing ' and "; the key immediately to the right of the : and ; key.

However, if one highlights these characters --- when chosen in the "Character Viewer" --- and holds down the mouse for a couple of seconds, the following information appears:

Character					Information about character
straight single quote ' 		Unicode 0060   UTF8  60
straight double quote "		Unicode 00A8  UTF8   C2A8

In my now standard preamble, there are the lines:


Because of the line 	\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} I have assumed that there should be some way to create both characters on a preview page. However, I've never succeeded in doing that. Surely there is a way. Always, I end up with the curly versions. These characters are useful in certain combinations: feet and inches, minutes and seconds, ... Any suggestions?

Don Green Dragon
fergdc at Shaw.ca

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