[OS X TeX] MinionPro on MacTeX 2012

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Feb 13 23:32:16 CET 2013

Am 13.02.2013 um 16:01 schrieb Theo Moore:

> kpathsea: Running mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 0+545/600 --dpi
> 545 MinionPro-It-Base-ad
> mktexpk: don't know how to create bitmap font for MinionPro-It-Base-ad.
> mktexpk: perhaps MinionPro-It-Base-ad is missing from the map file.

As mktexpk reports: the MinionPro.map file was not enabled. The TFM file was found; it belongs to TeX Live. But then no MAP file tells TeX that the font name MinionPro-It-Base-ad is related to a scalable font and therefore no bitmap font files with different resolutions need to be generated. This "translation" from the TeX font name to the corresponding vector font file and its encoding is done via the MAP file. And therefore it's quite certain that the MinionPro.map file (fragment) has not yet been enabled.

What you can do is:

	kpsewhich MinionPro.map

I get


which tells me two things (even three, actually): the file is installed outside the official distribution and it is available in TL 2012. And the third fact is that the file is in the ls-R "hash" files.

So, maybe you forgot to run

	sudo mktexlsr

It that's true and as a consequence kpsewhich can't find MinionPro.map, then first

	sudo updmap-sys --disable MinionPro.map

to clean the MAP file, then run

	sudo mktexlsr

and finally enable the MAP file fragment:

	sudo updmap-sys --enable MixedMap MinionPro.map

If TeX then still fails to find the proper font files, then it's likely that you installed some of the package's files incorrectly. Particularly the installation root /Library/TeX/Root/texmf is wrong. Packages from outside TeX Live belong into the /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local branch. Although it's confusing that the Minion Pro TFM support files /are/ part of TL 2012.



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