[OS X TeX] Choosing inparaenum vs asparaenum locally

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 22:55:10 CET 2013

I have a very idiosyncratic problem, of little importance, even a bit  
frivolous. It is probably off topic too in which case I apologize and  
hope you just won't read further.

In the attached document, which can be typeset from WORKOUTS-controls  
 > 1.tex or, under TeXShop, from WORKOUTS-contents > 1.tex, I would  
like to be able to set independently the "direction" of the multiple  
choices for the two questions. For instance, horizontally in Question  
1 and vertically in Question 2. Each question comes from the first  
part of the corresponding file in QuestionBase > 1.

So I thought of doing the following:

--	In AssessmentDocumentConstrction.sty,  replace the fifth (5th) and  
sixth (6th) occurrence of inparaenum by ListHorizontal (defined just  

--	In QuestionBase > 1 > 1 and QuestionBase > 1 > 2 insert  
\setboolean(ListHorizontal?} which I could then set, for instance, to  
{true} in the first and to {false} in the other.

It doesn't work and, of course, I don't understand what the console is  

The attached folder is a severely pruned version of the actual one but  
by no means a minimal example as I believe that the problem is that I  
don't know how to modify \newcommand{\UseProblem} and/or the  
QuestionBase > 1 files.  If anyone would like a minimal example,  
though, I think I can make one.

Hopeful regards

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