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Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Thu Dec 5 22:41:25 CET 2013

Hi all,

On 06/12/2013, at 8:17 AM, Alan Litchfield wrote:

> iOS is not OSX and as Victor says, they are very different.
> The only connection really is that they are created by the same corporation.
> I don't use iPad, I use an Android tablet, so we should probably allow traffic regarding Android too.
> Where's the line?

This thread started with a discussion of some user-interface features 
on Mac OS X, which led to a kind of comparison to things on an iPad.
The OP clearly uses both, as I suspect do many others on this list.

That made it relevant and interesting to some of us.

If something similar arose with an Android tablet, I see no reason
to reject the posting. However it is not clear that much useful
discussion would occur — unless there were others that have this
combination — and a different forum might be more appropriate.
But then the poster needs to know what that forum is, and maybe 
someone here could provide the pointer; in which case this list
has once again shown its versatility, usefulness and general

> Alan
> On 6/12/13 9:50 AM, Victor Ivrii wrote:
>> I think that TeX on iPad and MacOSX are rather different animals (I use
>> both MacTeX and TeXPad on OSX and iOS).
>> There is much bigger difference between TeX on UNIX (including OSX) and iOS
>> Some people who use iOS do not use OSX and for them this list is alien
>> We had already protest against posting iPad staff here. Sure if Gary
>> renames this list, these protests will be unwarranted.
>> PS Do we need iPad TeX wiki? I can set one
>> -- 
> Dr Alan Litchfield
> AlphaByte
> PO Box 1941
> Auckland, New Zealand 1140

I don't see any need for a new list yet.
But anyone who really wants it is free to do so.

Time to move on, IMHO.



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