[OS X TeX] Installing mbboard

Don Green Dragon fergdc at Shaw.ca
Thu Dec 5 03:24:50 CET 2013

Hi all,

Somewhere I read about this font program `mbboard’ which is a BlackBoard type of font but has both lowercase characters and digits in addition to uppercase characters. Currently I have available a BlackBoard font but it only provides uppercase letters.

Since I’m not sure which provides which here is the collection of packages that I have in my prelude:

\usepackage{amssymb}	% allows AMS symbols -- ESSENTIAL
\usepackage{latexsym}	% allows LaTeX symbols
\usepackage{amsfonts}	% allows AMS fonts
%\usepackage{eucal}		% experimental -- may not need [mathscr] option below
\usepackage[mathscr]{eucal}	% use \mathcal & \mathscr fonts -- CALligraphic & SCRipt
					% \mathscr{...} ignores lowercase and digits
					% \mathcal{...} transforms lowercase and digits into garbage
\usepackage{mathrsfs}	% allows nice math script characters -- if not included, then the call
					% \mathscr{ABC} produces  Calligraphic-like chars too similar
					% to those produced by \mathcal{ABC}. Lowercase & digits ignored
\usepackage{mathabx}	% allows use of \dotseq, \coloneq, \rightsquigarrow
\usepackage{amscd}		% allows Commutative Diagrams
%\usepackage{amsxtra}	% allows use of 'extra' math accents
%\usepackage{mbboard}	% allows blackboard chars for upper, lower, digits - NOT FOUND

If I uncomment the last line and typeset, then I receive the error message:

! LaTeX Error: File `mbboard.sty' not found

So I went to CTAN, found and downloaded a file «mbboard.zip"  (108 KB) which unzipped produced  a directory «mbboard" in my Downloads directory. This directory contains one file «mbboard.html" which does not tell one how to install the software and two directories:

	source     and      texinputs

which contain

doncarvel:~/downloads/mbboard$ ls
mbboard.html	source		texinputs
doncarvel:~/downloads/mbboard$  ls source
COMP		mbbbase.mf	mbbgrkup.mf	mbbromlg.mf	mbbx17.mf
COMPILE		mbbcr10.mf	mbbheb10.mf	mbbromlo.mf	mbbx5.mf
mbb10.mf	mbbcrkdr.mf	mbbhebdr.mf	mbbromup.mf	mbbx6.mf
mbb12.mf	mbbcrklo.mf	mbbhebma.mf	mbbromxl.mf	mbbx7.mf
mbb17.mf	mbbcrkup.mf	mbbhebrw.mf	mbbromxu.mf	mbbx8.mf
mbb5.mf		mbbdigit.mf	mbbhebvw.mf	mbbsc10.mf	mbbx9.mf
mbb6.mf		mbbdrivr.mf	mbbi10.mf	mbbsl10.mf	mbbxbold.mf
mbb7.mf		mbbextra.mf	mbblight.mf	mbbsmcdr.mf
mbb8.mf		mbbgr10.mf	mbbpunct.mf	mbbsymbl.mf
mbb9.mf		mbbgrkdr.mf	mbbr10.mf	mbbx10.mf
mbbaccnt.mf	mbbgrklo.mf	mbbrbx10.mf	mbbx12.mf
doncarvel:~/downloads/mbboard$ ls texinputs
mbboard.dcl	mbboard.sty	mbboard.tex	mbbtest.tex	testmac.tex

The above shows the missing file mbboard.sty but I don’t know what to do with all the above.


don green dragon
fergdc at shaw.ca

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