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Hello Herb,

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> On Nov 30, 2013, at 2:44 PM, Don Green Dragon <fergdc at shaw.ca> wrote:
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>> So far Mavericks has been an annoying `toy’ upgrade, so I’m looking forward to 10.9.1. In particular, I cannot believe the `new’ and «improved» vertical slider gadgets. Does Apple really believe that is an improvement? Ridiculous! Oh well, perhaps everyone else loves them. ;--)
> Howdy,
> ``Vertical Slider Gadgets''? If you're referring to the dissapearing scroll bars, that behavior has been around since Lion. I set them to show all the time; System Preferences->General->Show scroll set to Always.

Yep, bad terminology. Scroll bars! Right! OK, I skipped Lion and Mountain Lion. Great tip, thanks. Vertical scroll bar returns, without the one-page-up and one-page-down arrows! That’s okay. Life is still easy without them.  :—)

> I can now relate something that happened to me when trying to set up TeXPad on a new iPad Air. When I opened up the app a window appeared with some information that said that DropBox access wasn't configured. I couldn't figure out how to configure TeXPad to access DropBox. By accident I happened to slide my finger on that little window and the scroll bar appeared and I could get to the setup for that feature. The original window information was such that there was no clue that you could scroll down (up?) without actually trying it. That isn't a big deal on an iPhone where the screen is small enough that almost everything scrolls but an a relatively large iPad Air screen it's FAR from obvious and on a Mac it's even worse---even with my 11" MacBook Air no less a larger iMac screen.

So with TeXPad you can prepare LaTeX documents on your iPad. Can you typeset those docs on the iPad? If so, what version of TeX, TeXShop are you using on the iPad.

Is it the case that TeXShop does not run on an iPad?

Many thanks.

don green dragon
fergdc at shaw.ca

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