[OS X TeX] Asymptote tutorial?

J. McKenzie Alexander jalex at lse.ac.uk
Sat Apr 20 19:08:23 CEST 2013


Does anyone know of there any detailed tutorials for Asymptote available online? I've found the following web resource:


but, aside from that, all I have is the full Asymptote manual, which isn't particularly easy-going for a novice...

The problem I'm trying to solve arises from the following diagram, which illustrates a neighborhood of a point on the unit 2-simplex. I'm trying to figure out how to transform the labels U and \sigma so that they are drawn in the plane of the simplex. (The way it's done now looks weird if you rotate the diagram to a different perspective in Adobe Reader.)

import three;
import graph3;
currentprojection=orthographic(5, -2, 3); 
xaxis3( Label("$s_1$"), 0, 1.25, Arrow3);
yaxis3( Label("$s_2$"), 0, 1.25, Arrow3);
zaxis3( Label("$s_3$"), 0, 1.25, Arrow3);

path3 simplex = (1,0,0)--(0,1,0)--(0,0,1)--cycle; 
draw( surface(simplex), gray+opacity(.5) );
draw( simplex );
draw( circle((.3,.4, .3), .2, (1,1,1)), linetype( new real[] {4,4}) );
dot( (.3,.4,.3) );
label("$\sigma$", (.3,.4,.3), S );
label( "$U$", (.27,.27,.46), N );



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