[OS X TeX] Redefining a math symbol

Vamos, Peter P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Fri Apr 19 21:10:49 CEST 2013


> But I was interested in learning whether there was a LaTeX command like \DeclareMathOperator, except for binary relations (and which wasn't restricted to only being used in the preamble). Or maybe a pointer to some source about how LaTeX is told to interpret symbols in math mode… I guess I need to return to the TeXbook.

Look in the TeXbook p. 154, 170 etc or The LaTex Companion  (2nd ed) pages 435, 525 and the tables thereof. In case you don't have access to these I attach the tables. In LaTeX you can also use \DeclareMathSymbol

<rant> The most frequently encountered annoyance in mathematical typesetting I find in manuscripts and even in printed publications is the incorrect use of the | symbol i.e. not knowing the difference between \vert (or typing |) and say  \mid. The second most objectionable howler is… well I better stop here, I am already OT. </rant>


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