[OS X TeX] More bugs in TS 3.11

Chris Goedde cgg.lists at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 18:17:29 CEST 2012

Hi all,

These are probably known to Dick, but I thought I'd mention them just in case. This is all under 10.8.2.

1) If I Duplicate a source file with the first line of

% !TEX root = Notes.tex

a window pops up that says. "The source LaTeX document cannot be found. Path Name: (null)/Notes.tex". But the file gets duplicated correctly. (Also, Notes.tex is in the same folder as the file being duplicated.)

2) In the preferences for the preview window, I have "Single Page" set as the default page style. When I go to change it, I see that "Multi-Page" is also selected, so I see two check marks in the popup menu.

3) Changing the "Default Page Style" preference for the preview window doesn't seem to have any effect until TS is quit and restarted.

4) When duplicating a file with a space in the name (e.g. "foo bar.tex"), TS creates a file named "foo-bar-copy.tex". I understand the reason for appending "-copy" instead of " copy" to the file name if there's no spaces in the original name, but if the file name already has a space, it seems pretty heavy handed to replace them with hyphens. I think TS should respect the user's preferences and create "foo bar copy.tex" when the file name already has a space in it. (If you're tempted to reply that I shouldn't use spaces in my file names, MYOB.)



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