[OS X TeX] Why is cmr10.tfm not being used?

Michael Sharpe msharpe at ucsd.edu
Sat Sep 8 06:25:09 CEST 2012

You might find it more informative to run under plain tex (and step through each \show… by hitting return)

\font\fontname=cmr10.tfm % cmr10 also works
\fontname X

The important part of the output is

> \tenrm .
<recently read> \font 
l.1 \showthe\font
% Initial value of \font is \tenrm
> \tenrm=select font cmr10.
l.2 \show\tenrm
% and \tenrm expands to cmr10, the default roman font               
> \fontname .
<recently read> \font 
l.4 \showthe\font
% value of \font after line 3                 
> \fontname=select font cmr10.
l.5 \show\fontname
% value of \fontname                  
> \fontname .
<recently read> \font 
l.7 \showthe\font
%  Doesn't change value of \font after \fontname X

The tracing commands are not always the most reliable indicators, in my experience.

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