[OS X TeX] proper font scale for A2 size

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Sep 5 17:57:02 CEST 2012

Am 05.09.2012 um 16:45 schrieb Konstantinos Vasilakos:

> I can do fontscale=0.5, but how can I be sure that I am using the maximum font scale value the A2 can handle properly, or is there anyway to change the paper sizes  it without changing the font scale ?

By computing the product of square root of 2 times square root of 2.

In the ISO A series the area of the paper changes by a factor of 2 (or ½) from one size to the next. On an ISO A2 sheet you can put two ISO A3 sheets side by side, with the longest edges. When the area changes by a factor of 2 (or ½) than the edges need to change by the factor of square root of 2 (or 1/√2 = √2/2). And this is also the factor by which the line width changes. And the font height accordingly.



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