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On Tuesday, 4 September 2012 at 10:07 , Justin C. Walker wrote:  
> On Sep 3, 2012, at 15:59 , Gary L. Gray wrote:
> > On Sep 3, 2012, at 6:53 PM, " M. Tamer Özsu " <ozsut at mac.com (mailto:ozsut at mac.com)> wrote:
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> > > I can't find textpad for mac on the net. I find Textpad for windows, but not the mac version. Can you please point to the URL?
> >  
> > http://vallettaventures.tumblr.com/texpad
> There's a demo version on the website, but it only allows editing; no typesetting. Seems suboptimal for checking out the app, and I'm not sufficiently interested to pay $19 for the privilege of find out.
I really like the side by side view of the Tex document and PDF. I know it's not the only editor that does this but of the other one that I tried, Texpad feels much less clunky. If you click on the PDF it will take you to the relevant part of the tex document that generated it.

It also will parse \include to show you all the files that are included from the current one. So even if the bit of the PDF you click on is in an included file it will jump to that file.

I do wish the editor had a few more convenience features, for an text editor, i.e. keyboard shortcuts (e.g the sort of thing you get in Emacs, although specifically I've been a vi man and never an emacs guy). Usually when I'm working with text or code I tend to not like to have to use the mouse. On the other hand I'm almost totally accustomed after all these years the keybindings from Eclipe's Java editor. IDE editors tend to have a lot of good commands, I guess the audience always expects that. For example a command to delete the entire line, delete the line from current cursor to line end, or to move a line up or down relative to the other lines, or even to replicate a whole line. But I've never really found a satisfactory text editor on the Mac that does everything I want in that regard (short of vi in a shell!). Probably should look at BBEdit now that Textmate is dead.

However the typesetting capabilities of Texpad keep me using it.


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