[OS X TeX] Re: Plain-TeX in landscape does not work in TeXlive2012

Basil Grammaticos basigram at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 11:18:07 CEST 2012

While waiting for my subscription at the list (and being of impatient nature)
 I wrote to H. Oberdiek who 
most kindly answered and gave me the solution.

One should not use graphicxland anymore but input the file he sent me:


\input miniltx.tex %

\let\End at AtEndOfPackage\relax
  \let\Org at AtEndOfPackage\AtEndOfPackage
  \csname newtoks\endcsname\AtEndOfPackage at Toks
  \global\AtEndOfPackage at Toks{}%
    \global\AtEndOfPackage at Toks\expandafter{%
      \the\AtEndOfPackage at Toks
  \def\End at AtEndOfPackage{%
    \let\AtEndOfPackage\Org at AtEndOfPackage
    \the\AtEndOfPackage at Toks
    \global\AtEndOfPackage at Toks{}%

% (not needed for TL's graphics.cfg)
\input ifpdf.sty %
  \def\Gin at driver{pdftex.def}%
  \def\Gin at driver{dvips.def}%

\input graphicx.sty %

\End at AtEndOfPackage

(I called it "oberdiek" as a tribute to his kindness).

I tied it and it works

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