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Vamos, Peter P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Tue Nov 20 15:46:03 CET 2012

Dear All,

I am starting this new thread since the same question/problem cropped up  in two previous threads:
[TS with Retina and 2nd monitor]  and  [PDFs with gradient mesh applied don't appear]
In the first thread I asked:

Is TS optimised for the retina display?
I surmise that TS uses Apple's own text engine and Pdf  kit so this likely will be OK ?

Dick's reply, reproduced for convenience:  On 19 Nov 2012, at 15:00, Richard Koch wrote:

TeXShop works fine with the Retina display.
In general, applications written with Cocoa work without revision, while
those written with Carbon require revision.

If you have a Retina portable, "Get Info" on a program produces an extra
choice: "Open in Low Resolution". This choice can be selected if the
program has problems with high resolution, and then the display is
automatically "doubled".

Clear enough. But then in the second thread mentioned (PDFs with gradient mesh applied...) started by Gary we learnt that there is after all a problem, not with TS but apparently a bug in Apple's PDFKit on Retina screens. The problem seems to be the rendering of a drawing made in Illustrator and included as a pdf file.

On 20 Nov 2012, at 02:26, Richard Koch wrote:

So this is a problem with Apple's pdf code for high resolution. Note that TeXShop
has no "high resolution" code. Instead, we are talking about code in PDFKit.

This is clearly a bug in Apple's code.

All this raises a number of questions for people with Retina screens

1) One could play safe and set  "Open in Low Resolution". But then wouldn't this just negate all the tauted advantages of Retina in clearer text fonts in Edit windows (and Preview as well?) Quite apart from other unintended consequences. So, until Apple fixes this what would be the best way to use TS with included pdf files?

2) Would it be possible by experimentation, trial and error, whatever, to pin down the type of graphics pdf which causes the problem? Is it Illustrator? For example I don't use illustrator but do have files with TikZ graphics, would I still encounter this problem?

3) Is there a workaround (until Apple fixes this bug)? For example what about using Skim instead of Apple's PDFKit? I seem to recall reading (in this forum?) that Skim is a Cocoa app and TS can be linked to it though I don't use it myself.

I don't, yet, have a Retina Mac though I expect to get one soonish. So I cannot test and answer these questions and it is for purely selfish reasons and some intellectual curiosity that i ask the wise heads in this forum so by the time I do get a Retina Mac hopefully I would know what to expect and do.


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