[OS X TeX] PDFs with gradient mesh applied don't appear

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Fri Nov 16 23:52:18 CET 2012

Hi Gary,

On 17/11/2012, at 9:26 AM, Gary L. Gray wrote:

> I am hoping an expert with knowledge of Illustrator and pdflatex can help me with this.
> I just created a figure in Illustrator that uses the mesh tool to create a custom gradient. What the figure is supposed to look like can be seen in the attached file named C10S3Fig-EulerAngles-1.pdf. What I see when I include it in a pdflatex document is what you see in PastedGraphic-3.png. Interestingly, if I use TeXShop's Selection tool to grab the image from the preview, I see what you see in PastedGraphic-2.pdf. One more thing, when I view the PDF in Acrobat, it looks fine.

I don't get these issues, using TeXshop v2.31.
(see attached image)

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> Can anyone give me any insight into what is going on here?

Originally I was thinking:

It may be that you can only get the correct view, with smooth
gradients, when using Adobe software for the viewing.
When you use an Apple-based tool, e.g. for selection in TeXshop,
then you get rectangles with no gradient effects, as the Apple 
software cannot yet cope with these properly.

But after doing the inclusion myself, I really do not know
what is happening. It may be a regression from you using
later software versions than what I do.

> Thank you.
> Gary

Best of luck,


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