[OS X TeX] command-click on the name of a console file

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 08:58:49 CET 2012

> Normally, when I command-click on the name of a file, I see the  
> complete path. Which is very nice as many of my files have the same  
> name, like 13. But, when I command-click on the name of a console  
> file, nothing happens. It is of course not a show-stopper but just a  
> bit of an occasional bother.
> Just thought I might mention it for someone to explain to me that I  
> should understand that a console file is not just like any other file  
> and that ...
> Best regards
> --schremmer
> TeXShop 2.46 under 10.5.8 on a PPC

Command-clicking on the window title gives you a popup menu of all the enclosing folders - assuming that the window in question is associated to a file on disk (otherwise, of course, that would not make sense). So, for example, nothing happens if you command-click in the title of the preferences window, or LaTeX panel, or Find panel. The console also is not technically a file - it is more of a temporary display of the output of a typeset run (it can contain ouput from latex, dvips, etc.). There is no file, so there is no command-clicking to reveal a path.

Luis Sequeira

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