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On Sat, 24 Mar 2012 11:07:51 -0500 Herbert Schulz 
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Subject: Re: [OS X TeX] how use DropLaTeXDiff, DropTexCount?

 > On Mar 24, 2012, at 10:52 AM, Murray Eisenberg wrote:
 >> The Subject rather says it all: how does one use these apps after
 >> downloading them?
 >> E.g., I double-click DropTeXCount.app but nothing happens. I look in 
 >> TeXShop for some way to call it, but don't find any....
 > Those are Drop Scripts.
 > For DropTeXCount.app: simply drop a .tex file onto the app and an
 > htlm file will be created with the texcount information and also open 
 > in your default browser. The DropTeXCountFull.app works the same way 
 > except that the html file contains more information.

 > For DropLaTeXDiff.app: Drop the two .tex files you want to compare
 > onto the app. A latexdiff.log file along with a new .tex file that
 > can be typeset and will show the difference between the two files.
 > The log file will state which of the two files is older and note that
 > latexdiff finished processing. Once that last statement is in the log 
 > file you can typeset the new .tex file to see the differences marked.

OK, I understand. Unfortunately, dropping like that almost demands that 
one view the apps in Icons view (and I almost always use Finder in List 
view), else the dropping action has to be done very carefully in order 
to prevent just copying the file into the app's directory.

And this also means that one must use Finder (or Spotlight) to get to 
the source file(s) folder(s).

Is there some way to do a comparable thing by calling a command from 
within TeXShop?

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