[OS X TeX] Clearing fatal error in log

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Thu Mar 22 20:27:02 CET 2012

Hello Mark,

On 22/03/2012, at 12:45, Mark Lim <mklim.77 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> Is there a way to clear the fatal error in the log file?  Reason is due to  handful of underfull horizontal box.

No. Underfull boxes are not fatal errors.
Most likely is that you have left out a closing brace somewhere.
You see the Underfull box messages, because they happened prior to the real error.
Please send the actual .log file, so we can check your claim.

A minimal example exhibiting the error would help too.
But in cutting your document down for this, you may discover the error anyway.

> I am fix this by rephrase paragraph by paragraph.

Yes, that is the best way to fix Overfull boxes.
Underfull ones occur when you use \\ instead of blank lines to separate paragraphs.
This is a common elementary error.

> This  prevents further previewing on TeXShop. 
> What's the best way to resolve this? I read about set draft . How to set draft mode? 

That is unlikely to help.
Let us see some of your LaTeX source. Then the causes of your difficulties should be able to be resolved pretty quickly.

> My math with tikz document class is a book. 

Hope this helps,

    Ross Moore

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