[OS X TeX] Error: I can't write on file '(name)'

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 01:05:24 CET 2012

On Mar 9, 2012, at 5:39 PM, Herbert Schulz wrote:

> I've always been amazed that the
> %!TEX root = ../Text-controls/\jobname.tex
> actually works. I wouldn't expect TeXShop (which interprets that  
> line BEFORE (pdf)latex ever grabs it) would ever know what \jobname  
> even means.

John Nairn is the culprit: "Added code to implement %SourceFile  
activation of the root file, and thus defined the current TeXShop root  
file behavior. Added code to save open \input files when  
typesetting." (TeXShop contributors)

> Is TeXshop attempting to open the correct 2.pdf file?

> As far as I can see, it does without failing,

> What is the path to the file it opens? (You can see that path by Cmd- 
> Clicking the Window Title for that pdf.)

MagnumOpus2FMTo  >  RDAv3-0  >  Texts-contents >  2.tex

In fact, if you want to experience it, you can download the whole  
thing (empty) from
However, as I said in the note,

> While it should work both under Mac OS X and MS Windows, there is  
> almost certainly one difference: Under Mac OS X, with TeXShop as  
> front end editor, any document you want to typeset you can typeset  
> from either the contents file or from the controls file. Other than  
> in that particular case, it is probable that you can only typeset  
> from the controls file. Hopefully, though, the next version of  
> TeXWorks might work like TeXShop in that respect and in that case  
> the system ought to work exactly the same way under both Mac OS X  
> and MS Windows.

Best regards

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