[OS X TeX] MacTeX 2011 missing convert xml files

Jürgen Fenn schneeschmelze at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 5 23:13:46 CET 2012

Am 5. Februar 2012 19:24 schrieb Richard Koch <koch at math.uoregon.edu>:

> I placed a zip file on my web page containing the ImageMagick file from
> /usr/local/etc.  A link to the zip is on my web page in the section about ImageMagick.
>        http://pages.uoregon.edu/koch/

Dick, I just would like to say that the hyperlink pointing to the zip
file you have provided ends in ".zipf" instead of ".zip". If you
correct the URL, however, the zip file can be downloaded. You still
have to identify as an administrator on your system in order to move
it to the correct place.

> We supply convert mainly for tex4html, thinking that users familiar with the Unix
> version will want to install the full ImageMagick. So the conversion you are
> using was never tested.

Thanks for clearing this up and thanks for helping. I've handed the
info on in my blog and in the German TeX mailing list and newsgroup.


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