Re: [OS X TeX] PSA: BBEdit package for writing Latex - Nathan’s Blog

Michael Sharpe msharpe at
Fri Feb 3 08:01:30 CET 2012

On Feb 2, 2012, at 8:26 PM, Gary L. Gray wrote:

> I haven't tried this (yet), but I thought the BBEdit aficionados might be interested in this:

That is indeed interesting since I am a BBEdit aficionado. I use BBEdit regularly as a general text editor for tasks not suited to TeXShop. Eg,

(i) edit system files (requiring authentication);

(ii) multi-file search;

(iii) search/replace using Grep/regular expressions;

(iv) html creation and editing;

(v) user-defined 'text factory' manipulations of document;

(vi) unparalleled scriptability;

(vii) well-done file difference mode.

However, I don't see that the latex-bbpackage provides anything that approaches the strengths of TeXShop as a TeX editor---key bindings, command completion, macros, tags, templates, AppleScripting highly suited to TeX, as well as the other source file operations specific to TeX. 

In short, though I'm a fan of BBEdit, I'll continue using TeXShop as my main TeX editor, editing text fragments in BBEdit as convenient.


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