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Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Sat Dec 22 17:59:00 CET 2012


Just to expand on Herb's answer to:

On Dec 21, 2012, at 4:29 PM, "M. Tamer Özsu" <ozsut at mac.com> wrote:

> I normally use pdflatex but I have one project that requires me to go the "old way": latex->dvips->ps2pdf. At the end of latex run I get a pop-up message that says "To open gs you need to install X11". 

MacTeX installs two Ghostscript binaries in /usr/local/bin, gs-X11 and gs-noX11.
One is compiled with X11 support and the other without this support. The
gs file in /usr/local/bin is a symbolic link to the appropriate binary, depending
on whether X11 is or is not installed.

The Lion --> MountainLion upgrade removes X11 if it is present. That is
because X11 was often out of date because Apple releases OS X only
once a year; now users are told to get it directly from the open source

One way to fix the problem is to reset the symbolic link. You can also
install X11, or use FixMacTeX2012, which resets the link automatically.

Dick Koch

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